What type of training do you provide for associates?

The relationship between partners and associates is the primary source of practice area-specific training and development. We supplement this one-on-one training with formal training programs. Our annual orientation programs for entry-level and lateral associates introduce these lawyers to the firm and to one another. The programs also include a series of intensive training sessions designed to give new associates a foundation of information in their practice area.

Throughout the year, we hold training sessions in all areas of our practice. Some sessions link attorneys firmwide; others are held locally. Several of these sessions are designed for junior associates. Others are intended to serve attorneys at more advanced levels. In addition, you can access most of the programs through the firm’s intranet.

Our Attorney Development Group and Attorney Training Group also help provide you with tools you need to successfully develop your practice. The groups ensure that the firm continuously offers the best possible programs for every facet of an associate’s professional development: evaluation, feedback, training, mentoring, and career enhancement.