September 24, 2015

Does MoFo promote a diverse workplace?

We continuously work to attract, develop, and retain talented lawyers of diverse backgrounds. Read more about our commitment to diversity. For additional questions regarding our diversity initiatives, please contact Natalie Kernisant, our Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, at (212) 336-4352 or ...›

September 24, 2015

Is there a review/evaluations process?

We devote substantial effort to our career development process, including feedback on our trainees’ performance. In addition to ongoing feedback, trainees receive an informal evaluation at the midpoint of each seat and formal evaluations at the end of each six-month seat. ...›

September 24, 2015

How much partner contact is there? Are partners accessible?

All students and trainees will have opportunities to work with partners. MoFo maintains an “open door” policy, which encourages interaction amongst all lawyers. Social events, regular meetings, and training sessions also provide opportunities to interact with partners. ...›