I started working at MoFo as a summer associate after my first year of law school. Why did I choose MoFo? Well, let’s be honest, I was just happy to have a job at a big firm. Why have I stayed? I’m still here after two years as a summer associate and eight years as an associate because I really like the work and the people I work with.

I’m a partner in the real estate group in New York. We primarily represent lenders and developers in financing and acquiring real estate, as well as represent lenders making loans to real estate companies, both nationally and internationally. (I wish this meant that I could predict whether it’s a good time to buy a house, but no such luck.) The work ranges from construction loans for several different office towers in Times Square to loans to private equity funds to buy dozens of golf courses in Japan. It is great to work with a tangible subject matter that one can actually see (or work in — we represented the lender who did the financing for the building where our office is located). The work requires a lot of negotiations, strategic thinking, and fresh approaches — as well as a loud voice to be heard over yelling New York City developers.