Your Success Story Starts Here

By collaborating across borders, practice areas, and business functions, we succeed as one firm. At MoFo, you’ll have the opportunity to work with and learn from the best legal minds in the industry. From early on, you’ll get exposure to training, support, and exciting projects where you’ll gain practical skills and make life-long connections. Here, you’re encouraged to go beyond just embracing ideas to playing an active role in creating new ones.

MoFo Stories

Get to know MoFo through the eyes of our talented lawyers. Click on the photos to read how they have benefited from the support of their mentors and hands on training.

Expect More

Experienced Guidance

Your best teachers were probably those who were authorities in their areas, enjoyed their jobs, and conveyed their enthusiasm in the classroom. Similarly, you’ll find our partners and senior attorneys to be excellent teachers. You’ll work closely with more senior attorneys in your practice group on complex matters. They’ll guide you in developing skill in your area and help you build long-lasting client relationships.

Personal Mentoring

We consistently hear of attorneys’ desire for regular, specific, and personal interactions with partners. Our formal mentoring program is designed to maximize your professional development and the quality of our client service. The program pairs you with a formal mentor for your first year with the firm.

MoFo NavigateMoFo Navigate

MoFo understands how important it is that you find the right mentor to help you navigate your career. While most law firms provide a formal mentor, we take a holistic approach to professional growth. Upon joining the firm, we help you expand your professional network, observe the relationships that form naturally, and leverage those organic bonds to match you with a mentor. We train both mentor and mentee on how to make the most of the relationship; we facilitate regular meaningful touchpoints between mentor and mentee; and we create dedicated time to engage in the act of mentoring. MoFo Navigate responds to the changing needs of an attorney as they grow and develop at the firm, all with an eye toward equity and inclusion. To learn more about how MoFo Navigate makes mentorship a meaningful part of your journey here at MoFo, visit our MoFo Navigate page.

Continuous Training

MoFo associates work on cutting-edge deals and disputes from day one. We believe in lean staffing to promote efficiency and a steep learning curve for junior lawyers. We don’t have a set timetable or hierarchy for associate responsibility. We encourage attorneys to take as much responsibility as they can handle in their assignments, and we encourage supervising attorneys to provide the most challenging and varied assignments.

Candid Feedback

We’re strongly committed to a robust evaluation process. We evaluate attorney performance regularly, providing candid feedback to assist you in developing your strengths or addressing any areas of concern. Our Attorney Development Framework articulates our practice expectations at various levels.

Professional Advancement

We begin with the expectation that each associate we hire is capable of becoming a Morrison Foerster partner. Of course, associates choose different career paths and develop at different speeds. Our partnership track is correspondingly flexible.