Before coming to MoFo, I was doing a clerkship in the Northern District of California. Toward the end of my clerkship, when it was time to apply to different law firms, I thought, where are my friends happy, where have they been several years and actually enjoying their experience? I immediately thought about MoFo.

I worked at another law firm prior to my clerkship, and I definitely can feel the difference. Just walking in the hallways is different. The people are friendlier. As far as my work goes, they’re also very hands-on in their guidance. One of the senior associates I met at one of the very first cases I was working on was a great mentor in getting me oriented to different things in the office.

MoFo has high-profile patent litigation cases, with different complex matters. They’re challenging. They’re exciting. With my background in biotech and pharmaceuticals, the ability to work on these cases appealed to me because of the opportunity to expand my knowledge of different technology areas, and to do patents.

I do think that MoFo embodies diversity in the culture of the firm. It was one of the things that appealed to me when I was applying. We have different groups, such as the Black Affinity Group and the Women’s Affinity Group. It’s been great to have regular meetings to talk to people that are similar to me, and also to reach out to the community through those groups.